Colpro 2

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This luxurious sow milk substitute in part contains extruded cereals to promote the transition to solid feed. By feeding Startix Colplus in the farrowing pen using the Startix cup system, there is no need for a foster sow. This saves time and limits the transfer of disease. Furthermore, it optimises chances of survival and healthy growth. Due to the continuous availability of feed, this approach contributes to a uniform litter with a high weaning weight. Your Startix specialist is happy to assist you in preparing a feeding schedule that matches your situation.

  • suitable from 2-20 days
  • for the best result administer using the Startix cup system, but can also be fed from bowls
  • should be followed up with Startix Weanpro starting from day 10*
  • can be used in concepts that prohibit animal proteins, because Colpro 2 does not contain any blood plasma
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