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Startix cupsystem

For convenience and results

10 kg additional litter weight with Startix cup system!

An investment that pays for itself in less than 1 year

The Startix cup system automatically and continuously provides supplemental feed to the piglets in the farrowing pen. Practical research has shown that this increases overall litter weight by 10 kg in comparison to providing supplemental feed in bowls. That means that the investment in the cup system quickly pays for itself.
When you purchase a cup system, we will install it ready for use, including lines, pump and a stainless steel mixing tank with mixer. Aside from administering the right nutrition, hygienic working practices are extremely important. We coach in starting up the cup system. We will show you how to conduct the daily pH measurements, so that you know exactly when the cup system must be cleaned. This way you’ll make optimal use of your cup system.

The benefits:

  • lower loss
  • higher weaning weight
  • savings on labour
  • simple system

Pigipro Alff

Automatic Liquid Flexible Feeder

Up to 2 litters per feeding system: maximum of 44 piglets for 2 sows

Pigipro ALFF can be quickly and easily installed/relocated in the farrowing pen and is able to accommodate any feeding bowl. A single Pigipro ALFF is capable of feeding two litters at the same time.

Pigipro ALFF is especially suited for Pigipro 1 Milk Care piglet milk and is very user and maintenance friendly. It can be installed near the sow in the farrowing pen starting from day 2 to supplement feeding. Always ensure there is a sufficient intake of colostrum, an optimal climate inside the stable and farrowing pens, as well as proper hygiene and a constant water supply.

The benefits:

  • increased number of piglets weaned per sow
  • fewer foster sows
  • low investment
  • short payback time

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