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Startix in the stable

Client experiences

Startix does everything possible to get the most out of the livestock herd. We consider it important how our clients perceive our assistance and products. Below you can read what our clients are saying about us.

G. Kampert, Harskamp

Gerrit Kampert feeds his piglets Startix Weanplus and Prestaplus.

The Kampert family operates a farm with 600 sows in Harskamp in the Netherlands. The farm works with Topigs 20 and TN 70 sows. Gerrit currently produces over 30 delivered piglets per sow per year and expects this number to rapidly further increase. Yet, this is not his highest priority. “It’s all about the quality of the delivered piglets. When the dealer and the meat pig farmer like to receive my piglets, this is when things are going well.”

Strategy: generously supplement feeding in the farrowing pen, no weaning dip and excellent continued growth after weaning. How do I do that? Only supplement feeding in the farrowing room:

  • Startix Milk from day 3 to 8
  • Startix Weanplus once a day in the morning from day 8 to 28
  • Startix Prestaplus once a day in the afternoon from day 8 to 28
  • Weaning feed once a day in the evening from day 22 to 28

The benefits of my approach:

  • minimal weaning dip; continued growth after weaning is excellent
  • higher litter weights; previously 85 kg, now 95 kg on average
  • extras such as antibiotics are no longer necessary
  • loss after weaning is lower
  • the sow stays in better condition
  • the pig farmer is satisfied because growth after handover is also excellent

The piglet’s feed costs are reduced.

Supplemental feeding in the farrowing room costs money. However, the piglet’s feed efficiency is very good. The feed and labour costs more than pay for themselves. But the major gain is in the period after weaning. This is because, while Weanplus is liquid, it is not really milk. It is a transition feed with extruded cereals that helps the piglet become accustomed to plant-based feed, as a result of which the piglet is capable of absorbing a great deal of weaning feed. As a result the piglet continues to rapidly grow after weaning using relatively inexpensive feed.

Tip: know what you are feeding. I make use of Startix dosing trays. As a result I know exactly how much Presta I provide. If the feeding trays are totally emptied, you know exactly whether, and by how much, you can increase the feed supply.

If you would like information about Weanplus, contact Startix at or at 085-04 99 700.

G. Kampert, Harskamp

K. Mijnheer-Veerman, Rouveen

Hello Everyone!!!

Here’s another message from our stable.
As of last week there’s some more news within our walls.

We are all thirsty from time to time. Some of us may grab a glass of milk and someone else may go for a beer. When those nice little piglets are thirsty they go to their mother, just like you did when you were a baby… and as you grew bigger you were given milk in a bottle. All you had to do was cry for a little while and your mother would come with the bottle. But little piglets are unable to do that. Although we always fed the piglets additional milk, when the trough was empty and it was not yet time for new milk, the piglet had to wait. As of today this is no longer necessary and the piglets can drink as much milk as they want. Startix provided a neat and tidy product and today we turned on the system for the first time. The piglets immediately went to it. It takes some getting used to for the first few days, but here’s a video and photos of the system. Nico Drost, thank you for installing the system! It has been installed perfectly neat and tidy. Thank you for the enjoyable contacts and installing a nice system.

Kind regards from the Mijnheer Stable

K. Mijnheer-Veerman, Rouveen

“Together with our very first buyers we succeeded in developing a feeding concept that does what it promises to do. Lower losses and higher returns.”

– Gerrit