Our mission

Less drop-out, higher returns

New life in the stable is vulnerable, especially if a young animal receives little to no maternal care. As a young animal feed specialist, Startix aims to maximize the chances of survival in the first few weeks of life with a nutrition programme that follows piglets’ natural needs, thereby contributing to healthy growth. In this way, we help farmers to reduce drop-out and increase their efficiency. By continuously learning from the experiences in the stable and incorporating them into our products and advice, we fulfil our growth promise.


Our experimental company as a laboratory

Startix was developed based on, and to serve, farmers’ practical needs. This means that we are familiar with your issues and interests, and you won’t need to tell us anything about a good and uniform weaning weight for your entire litter or flock. The same applies to weaning dip and the associated risks, such as diarrhoea and meningitis. The health of your animals and thus your business are of the greatest importance to Startix. This is evident not only from our balanced nutrition programme, but also own innovations like our Cup System.


We will pay you a visit

In order to realise our growth promise, it is important that you use our products correctly. The Startix nutrition specialist will help you determine the best solution and will, for example, also advise you about our Cup System. Because your stable is the ideal place for such a meeting, we would be happy to pay you a visit, obligation-free. Based on your situation and our findings, we will give you an estimate of what can be achieved in terms of drop-out prevention and weaning weight. Our nutrition expert will of course gladly put you in contact with a Startix dealer.


Quality ingredients

Startix products are characterised by their high quality, tailored to the needs of young animals in different stages of their first weeks of life. We use only high-quality ingredients, in different compositions, such as with and without animal proteins, in order to serve different concepts. By varying the ratio of nutrients and grains (and the extent to which they are processed), we prepare the intestines for the transition to solid feed.

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