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Our Mission

Healthy piglets, excellent growth

Our aim is to provide for healthy piglets at pig farms by supporting management. Our goal is to help and support you in delivering an excellent, large, healthy litter of weaned piglets. This includes lowering losses, reducing the use of antibiotics, hygiene related to the drinking system and increasing the weaning weight.


Why choose Startix

  • Startix provides you with expert advice relating to piglet nutrition, diseases and losses.
  • Startix supplies high-quality products in line with your operating situation.
  • Startix focuses on the health of your animals, and consequently on the returns of your farm.
  • Startix helps you reduce losses.

Our thinking is based on actual practice. Our piglet specialists know what you are likely to run into at your farm. This means that you do not have to explain anything to us about the need for having an excellent, uniform weaning weight for your entire litter, herd or flock. The same applies to a weaning dip and the associated risks, such as diarrhoea and meningitis. We contribute ideas for your consideration and help you get the most out of your animals. Do not hesitate to make an appointment without obligation.


We will visit you

To get the most out of the piglet raising process, it is important that you use our products the right way. The Startix piglet specialist helps you determine the best products for your farm and, for example, also provides you with advice about our cup system. Because your stable is the best place to do this, we are happy to visit you without obligation. We provide you with advice, without obligation, based on your story and our findings. We like to be clear, which is why we speak in terms of losses and weaning weight. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.


High-quality ingredients

The Startix products are synonymous with high quality and are specifically developed with the needs of young piglets in mind. We only use high quality ingredients in various compositions so that we have suitable products for every farm. This way you are assured of the best products.

Naturally we are GMP-certified.


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