Weanplus 4

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With Startix Weanplus, you promote the growth of your piglets and train the intestinal flora for the transition to solid feed. By feeding this milk (after Startix Colplus) in the farrowing pen, you do not need a foster sow. This saves time and limits disease transmission. In addition, it ensures optimal survival and healthy growth. Due to the continuous availability of feed, this approach contributes to an even flock with a high weaning weight.

  • Suitable from 5 to 20 days
  • Strengthens and trains the intestines
  • Feeds via the Startix cup system for best results, but is also suitable for dishes
  • Trains the intestines due to the presence of pitted grains that stimulate enzyme production
  • Ideal for use alongside Startix Prestaplus or Startix Milkcrumbs
  • Is permitted in concepts where animal proteins are prohibited, as Weanplus does not contain blood plasma


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