Healthy piglets, healthy returns

Good weaning weight for the whole litter

If a sow gives birth to more piglets than it can feed, transitioning to a nursing sow can be an obvious but time consuming option, and there’s no guarantee that it will be successful. Therefore, support your sow with a solution from Startix, tailored to your particular situation.

0 - Milk

Nutritious supplement to sow's milk

Startix Milk is the perfect standard solution to support the sow during feeding. From the 2nd day, feed the piglets in the farrowing pen using bowls. As the perfect supplement to sow’s milk, Startix Milk contributes to the piglets’ healthy growth, with a high weaning weight as a result.

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1 - Colplus

When piglets’ lives are at stake

Startix Colplus is designed to supplement the shortage of sow’s milk in the first few days after birth. It is a complete feed with essential ingredients such as colostrum and easily digestible fats and proteins (including blood plasma) to stimulate the digestion. Feed your piglets Startix Colplus from the 2nd day.

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2 - Colpro

For very young piglets

Startix Colpro is a high quality substitute for sow’s milk during the first days of life. It contains easily digestible fats and proteins, as well as processed grains to boost the acceptance of solid feed. Feed your piglets Startix Colpro from the 2nd day. Combine it with our Cup System for optimal results.

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4 - Weanplus

Strengthens piglets and prepares the intestines

Startix Weanplus is the next step after Startix Colplus or Startix Colpro in the healthy rearing of weaned piglets. The composition promotes growth, whereby processed grains prepare the intestines for the transition to solid feed. Continuous availability through the Startix Cup System contributes to strong piglets with excellent growth potential.

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5 - Weanpro

For healthy growth

Along with Startix Colpro, Startix Weanpro contributes to a higher weaning weight and better acceptance of solid feed. In addition to the necessary nutrients, Startix Weanpro contains (processed) grains to prepare the intestines. This is a prerequisite for the acceptance of solid feed and the healthy growth of your piglets.

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7 - Prestaplus

The ideal transition to solid feed

Intestinal preparation in anticipation of solid feed can help prevent weaning dip and worse. The Startix nutrition programme helps you by combining nutritious milk powders with processed grains. Our prestarter Startix Prestaplus in crumb form is an excellent part of the Startix range.

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Startix Cup System

For convenience and results

Hygiene is the most vulnerable aspect of conventional cup systems. We therefore paid extra attention to this in the development of the Startix Cup System. Our cup comes equipped with a special float nipple that prevents backflow and spillage. Its virtually seamless components make the system easy to clean and less susceptible to contamination.

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“As a young animal feed specialist, we go beyond just looking at the composition of our piglet milk Our cup system, which was developed partly in-house, is an example of this mentality. The distinctive colour of the cup was deliberately chosen based on research showing that piglets prefer the orange.”


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Exclusivity for you

The young animal feeds of Startix are available exclusively from selected dealers. We provide support by training their staff, promoting our products and providing on-location advice. Our nutrition experts put the farmers they visit in contact with Startix dealers.

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