Since a few months Startix started their activities also in the Italian market. We noted that this market is way different in regards to the Dutch market.

The pig farmers in Italy works a lot with integrations, that keeps the entire market chain. The most famous product from Italy are of course the hams. Further they distinguish themselves in Europe by using the Durac as boar. The weight at the moment of slaughter is around 160kg. In the market you can mention that the income average is way higher. The prices for piglets  with a weight of 30kg starts from €60 – €100.

The higher Italian temperatures gives a result that the pigs are struggling to get a high production. The average number of weaned piglets is lower than we are used to in the Netherlands. Of course there are also exceptions with more than 30 weaned piglets.

*The picture shows a shed where they dry manure using the dry hot air outside.

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